Do you know what are the best tips to send mass emails with professionalism? Preparing a mass mailing campaign takes your job. More than anything to avoid sending uncontrolled messages that can lead you to be classified as a spammer. In fact, the biggest fear of many brands when it comes to creating mass message campaigns is falling on the spam blacklist.

To avoid this, you should follow the following tips to send mass emails and you will avoid going unnoticed. At the same time, you will be able to increase the opens and the click-through rate of your email marketing campaigns.


1.- Includes plain text

If you use emails with HTML, use part of that text as plain text. This type of text helps pass spam filters. The more related they are, the less likely it is that your email will be classified as spam. If the difference between the two texts, the plain text and the HTML is large, it can automatically lead to spam.

Therefore, you can personalize your email as much as you want but keep in mind this advice that is really important. Different professional email marketing software usually have the option of including text in both HTML and plain text. The problem is that it is often not used. Or it is done inappropriately.

If you want to know which one it’s best (HTML or Plain text email), check out this entry in our blog


2.- Distribute the messages in a simple way

Your message should have a simple layout. A text, an image, without navigation. It is true that today minimalism in emails is the order of the day so this is not usually a problem. However, it is important to send emails as simple as possible.

If the email format is complex, there is a greater possibility for users that they will not see the message well. On the other hand, some emails are too heavy and take time to load. This is more difficult for the user. Avoid getting complicated with many decorative images. The important thing is the text accompanied by an image of value that it puts in context.

Therefore, if you use images, make sure they are of good quality. If, in addition, you add an attractive text, your email will like more, you will jump the spam barriers and you will be more successful.


3.- The subject is essential

One of the tips for sending mass emails is to take the subject into account. Words like free, symbols, texts with spaces or capital letters should never be used in the subject. These subjects run the risk of being classified as spam automatically.

Your subject must contain a clear phrase of what the user is going to find. It is obvious that the subject must be hooked but that does not mean that you can include strange characters. Be simple and clear.

There are also words that increase your chance of falling into the spam folder. However, this does not happen directly. For this, the spam score is created. Thus, one of the best tips for sending mass emails is to avoid terms such as:

  • Offer.
  • Opportunity.
  • Discounts.
  • Money.

4.- Carefully personalize the message

Customizing the message as much as possible will help you increase your conversion rate. But you should avoid general greetings such as “dear customer.” Focus your efforts on creating a relevant text for a specific buyer persona.

It does not have to be very long. The less it occupies, the better. But you should always look for it to be a valuable text. And the more personalized, the better too.

Provide interesting content for the reader. And be direct. The user does not have time, you must catch him in a few seconds.


5.- Clean your database, one of the best tips for sending mass emails

Make sure your database is clean and up to date. The more segmented your mailing list is, the greater your success will be. The email addresses must be real, which will also prevent your email from reaching spam. Also, if the subscriber list is yours, the better. Remember MailMonster it’s one of the best tools to clean your list!

That means that they are users who have accepted that you send them newsletters from time to time so they will be interested in your content. Don’t buy databases, they can lead you to failure. It is a fairly common practice among some companies that want to send mass emails.

However, it is not recommended. When you send thousands of emails to a purchased database, the response you get is low, around an open rate of between 0% and 2%. Receiving an email that you are not interested in generates a great rejection of the brand. You must ask yourself if it is what you are looking for.


6.- The unsubscribe link always visible

Remember. It makes no sense to send communications to people who do not want to receive them. It will worsen your conversion rate. The objective of sending mass messages is to reach the largest number of people but you should always do it in a consistent way. It is one of the most important tips for sending bulk emails.

Sending mass emails is an investment. So if many of your users do not want to receive them, you will not get the desired effect. Therefore, hiding the unsubscribe button is not feasible.

If your database is optimized and segmented, very few will use this button. In any case, you must always have it visible since it causes great annoyance not to find the button when you do not want to receive that type of messages anymore.

If many users unsubscribe in a mass mailing of emails, you will have to analyze what happens. You must study the reasons for what happened and improve for future shipments.


9.- Use the right emailing tools

Use well-functioning emailing tools like MailPipe. This bulk mailing software supports more a lot of mailings per month, ensuring that your emails reach their destination.

In addition, it has various functionalities that will help you improve the sending of mass emails. Among them are:

  • Possibility of creating galleries of thematic templates for email.
  • Analysis and reports for your shipments.
  • Carrying out A / B tests to optimize your campaigns.
  • It helps you in the management of casualties.
  • Make automatic sending emails.
  • Maximize advanced segmentation of your database.

Following these tips to send mass emails will help your email marketing strategy and your investment will have the adequate return. All of them are of great value.